Hebel Panels

Hebel panels

We use Hebel panels for a variety of construction purposes for its strength and versatility.

The product is best suited for external walls and floors in homes and to create fire walls and sound barriers in commercial properties.

The high quality product has the look and feel of solid masonry but is, in fact, lightweight which makes it easy to handle. It is, however, known for its strength as it contains anti-corrosion steel reinforcement.

Hebel is made of raw materials like sand, cement, lime and gypsum, which is combined with water and an expansion agent to produce a high quality masonry product.

We also choose to use Hebel panels because it is Australian made and environmentally friendly.

Hebel in the home can help save on energy costs – the panels help keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.
And Hebel panels can be made to length or made to order which means less wastage and cost savings.
In a commercial setting, Hebel’s lightweight but solid features makes it ideal for walls (internal and external) and floors and makes fire rating compliance easy.
With so many Hebel products to choose from, ask us which one would best suit your project

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